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Flush Trim Bits are ideal for trimming most any project no matter how difficult. Whiteside has both two fluted and three fluted bits to choose from. Both styles of flush trim bits are the perfect choice for laminate trimming or template work. Grouped product items. Product Image.  Whiteside Router Bits attention to quality of materials and expert brazing and grinding technologies has made them a furniture industry favorite since the early 70's. Prop 65 Warning. Click here for prop 65 warning., We found other products you might like! Whiteside Double Bearing Flush Trim Router Bit. Whiteside Rail and Stile Router Bit. Cast Aluminum Router Mounting Plate. Whiteside Dovetail Router Bits. VIEW. WHITESIDE-FLUSHTRIM-BIT-GROUP. Woodpeckers. Whiteside's Ultimate Flush Trim bits decrease sanding, three types: Combination, Flush Trim and Plunge designs. Solid Carbide. Top Quality Router Bits by Whiteside Machine Company.  The "ULTIMATE" Flush Trim Bit has a compression design to provide the ultimate cut when using templates. These bits leave a crisp, clean edge on both the top and bottom View full product details. Quick View. UDFT Ultimate Flush Trim. 1/2"SH, 7/8"CD, /8"CL. $ Ultimate Flush Trim 1/2"SH, 7/8"CD, /8"CL. The "ULTIMATE" Flush Trim Bit has a compression design to provide the ultimate cut when using templates. These bits leave a crisp, clean edge on both the top and bottom View full product details. These Ultimate Flush Trim Bits are perfect when working with templates or when using a router to flush trim matching wood surfaces. Whiteside’s compression spiral design, with a 7/8" diameter bearing guide, makes this bit easy to use in the router and produces a superior quality trimmed edge. The Ultimate Flush Trim series brings industrial engineered bits, previously manufactured for CNC machines, right into your shop. The Pattern Bit has a bearing on the shank end of the bit allowing for a template to be placed on top side of the piece to be duplicated. Featuring a plunge tip for versat. In the pursuit of ultimate performance, Whiteside borrowed cutter geometry developed for use on industrial CNC routers, and the results are impressive. Every size and type of router bit has a program to provide the specifications of the tool being manufactured. Straight fluted whigeside are a good all around choice, although they are generally not able to Flush Trim Bit Question plunge whiteside flush trim bits java. Learn more. Coded entirely in NYC. Form Router Bits.

The bearing runs along a template or pattern laid on-top of the workpiece, trimming the workpiece to match. Use Template bits to make copies of a shape, rout out material for inlay, or to clean out the bottom of a Dado made on a table or chop saw. Replacement Bearings and Bearing Sets are available in a range of sizes.

For over 30 years Whiteside Machine Company has manufactured best quality router-bits and we are proud to offer an exceptionally wide selection of their catalog. Combine them with your Festool router, or router table and you have a professional quality solution not only for shaping, but for joinery, grooving, copying templates, and even making the kid a custom set of wooden train tracks.

Flag waving aside, the real reason to purchase a Whiteside router-bit is because the hands down top quality of their product. Their router bits feature innovations such as concave ground cutting edges, who's sole purpose is to Wood Router Tool Bits Javascript improve product quality, not simplify a production process, or shave a few cents per bit in manufacturing cost.

Whiteside is a company who would rather build their own proprietary machinery, than settle for what's available, and with over years of collective experience in their grinding room alone, they have the chops to pull it off.

What that means for your woodworking is not having to worry about endlessly sanding out machine marks. It means not having to worry that a pre-maturely dull bit will tear out the grain. It means you can push your bit through the wood with the confidence of knowing that the folks who made your router bit cared as much about their product, as you care about yours. Whiteside Machine is a family owned and operated business based in Claremont, North Carolina.

Fine Wood Working had this to say about Whiteside in their May June Router-bit review: "At the end of the day, the Whiteside and the Eagle bits had risen to the top of the mix, tying for the highest score. Lee Valley had the second-highest score, followed by Southeast and Woodtek in a tie for third. By the way, Whiteside also had the best bit when we reviewed straight Trim Bits 40 bits in our August issue FWW We named the Eagle and Whiteside bits best overall.

And, since the Whiteside had one of the lowest prices of the top bits, we also named it best value. Corner Chisel by Whiteside. Whiteside Rabbeting Router Bits. Patrick Edward's Old Brown Glue. I own this item I Flush Trimming Router Bit Model manufacture this item. Click for proposition 65 Warning. Coded entirely in NYC. Made from high quality steel and tipped with micro-grain carbide, our years of experience provides you a full line of router bits your workshop will cherish.

Spiral router bits were originally designed for the CNC industry as a tool for long-life under intense working conditions. As spirals became popular with the everyday woodworker and craftsman, an increase in demand was seen throughout the industry. Whiteside offers a variety of spirals in up-cut, down-cut, and compression flute configurations.

We recommend up-cut spirals for best control of your router and ejecting chips up and out of your dado cuts. Down-cuts provide superb control of fraying on the surface nearest the router while preventing the tendency to lift small workpieces.

Compression spirals have up and down flutes to maintain the cleanest cut on both the top and bottom of the workpiece. Whiteside increases the life and value of your spiral selection by offering these bits in a solid carbide form. Whiteside is proud to supply the industry with our superior line of drilling and boring tools.

We offer a range of countersinks manufactured with standard carbon steel or superior high speed steel for extended life. Three wing drills and patented carbide-tipped hole saws are among our line. Many of these tools were designed and tested by consulting experts in the marine industry. A standard router bit begins as no more than a piece of steel. Steel is purchased in foot long bars and self-fed into a machine that cuts them to the appropriate length.

As the cylinder-shaped pieces are cut, they are gathered and sent to the lathes. The lathes run each piece of steel with precision accuracy to shape the general form of the bit and create the shank. Every size and type of router bit has a program to provide the specifications of the tool being manufactured.

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