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Picture Frame. While several other types of router bits like the cove and roman ogee are capable of making edge cuts for molding, molding bits save time and generate superior results. Round Over Bead. Double Cove and Bead. Remember me. Plunge Ogee Router Bits. Excludes products that have been altered or need resharpening.

The double rounding-overs bits cut the bottom and top edge simultaneously, making a full half-round profile. The chamfer bit is designed to produce a bevel cut on the edge of wood to serve either form or function—or both! The chamfer can provide an attractive edge profile and a professionally finished look on any project with flat edges, like counters and table tops.

The beveling power can also be used to make perfect miter cuts on long, bulky, or curved material. Ripping perfectly straight miters on long boards with a table saw free from ugly saw marks or burns can be tricky, but using a chamfer bit in a router table can make exceptionally clean cuts.

This is particularly useful when the angle of your miter needs to be spot-on, like when making multi-sided boxes. When you need to chamfer a curved edge, installing the bit onto a hand-held router allows the pilot bearing to seamlessly track the curved shape—a feat no saw can perform.

This wide size and angle range are capable of creating miter joint angles from Best For: Making decorative edges and joining two pieces of mitered material. As opposed to the rounding-over, the quarter-circle of the cove is an indentation in, instead of an easing of, the degree edge. Along with decoration, it can also be used with a complementary rounding-over bit to make adjoining edges for a rule joint—a popular technique for making a folding leaf for a table. Best For: Creating a quarter-circle indentation in the edge of a piece for decoration or joinery.

Fittingly, the Roman Ogee bit creates a decorative S-shaped profile for molding, furniture, signs, or under any other circumstance when a beautiful S-shape is desired.

Ogee bits often incorporate straight edges at the top and bottom of the pattern with a convex curve in between. Both classical and double ogee designs are available, with the latter containing two ogee patterns often separated by a squared transition. Like other edge forming bits, the tips are equipped with a pilot bearing to guide the cutting arms along the outside edge of the material. Best For: Making decorative S-shaped profiles in the edges of the material.

Molding bits integrate various edge-forming profiles to serve a single purpose: make molding. While several other types of router bits like the cove and roman ogee are capable of Window Router Bit Set Youtube making edge cuts for molding, molding bits save time and generate superior results.

There are several style options available, from classical to contemporary, to master any home remodel project. These large-diameter flush trim router bits use compression spiral cutting geometry to produce clean cuts in thick stock, figured hardwood or delicate veneers.

Cut beautiful profiles on your custom wooden picture frames and mirror frames with these frame profile router bits. Template cutting using our spiral flush trim router bits produces smooth, clean cuts.

A carefully matched flute and bead router bit set for milling Window Frame Router Bit Set Number slats for wooden canoes, curved planters and similar projects. This reverse glue joint router bit makes fast, accurate glue-ups and strong joints to fabricate large panels for doors, cabinets or table tops.

Cut a keyhole slot with a wider slot beneath the surface, for flush wall mounting pictures and other objects without wires. These lettering and point cutting router bits enable you to create custom letters for sign making. This floating lettering router bit undercuts letters to make signs that stand out.

Lapped mitre router bits designed to create strong self-aligning mitre joints in plywood and MDF. These router bits produce strong and beautiful lock mitre joints for kitchen cabinetry, drawers, four-sided planters, boxes, picture frames and much more. Two-flute mortice and tenon router bits that deliver clean edges, flat bottoms and perfect shoulders on tenons. Cut dozens of classical profiles Window Frame Router Bit Set with our multi-profile router bits. Vary the cutter height, fence position and number of passes to produce an almost unlimited variety of shapes.

This very clever multi-radius router bit will give you the ability to switch back and forth among three popular radii without ever changing bits. Ovolo router bits can cut simple roundovers and dramatic veins, decorate large panels or even plunge cut to produce eye-catching Window Frame Router Bit Set Query rosettes.

The Queen Anne router bit mills the oval shape found on the edges of many pieces of fine furniture. These radius grooving router bits are great for custom sign making, veining, lettering and edge work. One- and two-piece router bit sets to make perfect-fitting rail and stile joints. These back cutter router bits cut a rebate rabbet in the back of raised door panels to keep the face flush with the rail and stile door frame.

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Picture Frame.

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