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Shopping in Oberammergau. Shopping for Woodcarvings. Oberammergau's woodcarvings are among the most sought after in the Germanic world, and many an example has graced the mantelpieces and shelves of homes around the globe. Most subjects are religious, deriving directly from 14th-century originals; however, to cater to the demands of modern visitors, there's been an increased emphasis lately on secular subjects, such as drinking or hunting scenes. Competition is fierce for these woodcarvings, many of which are made in hamlets and farmhouses throughout the region. Know before you buy t. ALBL OBERAMMERGAU, Germany: Woodcarving Studio - Custom Made Wood Carving Shops In Pigeon Forge Tn Ro - Hand-Carved - Sacred Art - Church Furnishing - International Project Services.  Now in its 14th generation, the Albl family embodies wood carving and has had its roots in its home village of Oberammergau in the Bavarian Alps for centuries. Where our ancestors were individual wood carvers, today we have grown into a small family company with our own studio, working together with several workshops and artisans in Oberammergau and the surrounding area. We undertake commissions together with our talented sculptors, carpenters and painters who support us passionately. Купить коллекция сувениров из германии Vintage German Wood Carving from Oberammergau Bergman Б/У в каталоге товаров известных брендов из Америки Закажите оригинальные брендовые вещи онлайн с доставкой из США в любой регион России, Украины, Казахстана и наслаждайтесь качеством покупки и низкими ценами!  Коллекция сувениров из Германии Vintage German Wood Carving from Oberammergau Bergman. 40,00$ USD. Это не новый товар.

We are glad you found us. We are happy to provide you with some insights Wood Carving Shops In Kandy 61 into our work and our products. Enjoy browsing! If we sparked your curiosity and wood carving shops oberammergau germany would like to see wood carving shops oberammergau germany, feel free to visit our store in the beautiful town of Oberammergau.

Recently, we have become proud contributor to the latest publication wood carving shops oberammergau germany Great Cultural History of Munich! This article pp. The author Berthold Neff came all the way to beautiful Oberammergau to see our craft so he could give a detailed description in his book.

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This means that we have also integrated services from third parties. Clicking on the confirm button indicates your consent for us to use them. Welcome, dear guest! We are looking forward to meeting you soon! All the best, the Pfaffenzeller family. Morris Dancers. Nativity Sets. Guided Tour. Referenzce of Excellence. Of course there is also a copy in our store.

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Shop the ALBL Oberammergau collection today. Exclusive design. International shipping. Types: Nativities, Crucifixes, Saints and Home & Interior items. The most famous woodcarving store in Oberammergau is Holzschnitzerei Klucker woodcarver and polychromer Michael Pfaffenzeller works in Wood Carving Shops In Oberammergau Germany Ltd second generation. We are specialized on clad crib figures as know from the Wieskirche, Kloster Ettal, Bonner Münster, St. Michael München as well as the original morris dancers of Erasmus Grasser. Handcarved and woodcarved in Oberammergau.

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