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Nov 06,  · Last updated on November 6th, at am. Making mortises for mortise and tenon joints can be quite difficult. But with a chain mortiser in hand, you can create as many mortises as you want especially when you’re working with heavy duty wood like . Jun 21,  · Mafell LS Ec Chain Mortiser. To say Mafell is familiar with timber framing is an understatement. Mafell literally invented the electric chain mortiser 90 years ago in Many years and many versions later, they released the Mafell LS Ec which is a technical marvel. Our customers appreciate how fast and accurately this machine makes Author: Jeff Powell. We designed the SwissPro KSP16 chain mortiser (right) specifically for the professional timber framing trade, improving on existing mortisers, building in the features that makes your work much more efficient. It is built in Switzerland for the best quality available anywhere. See below for other high-quality chain mortisers.

I have owned large chain mortisers and found them to be messy since the chain needs to be lubricated during use. The mortise cheeks also end up being quite rough as well. A square chisel type can be quite slow for production work. I have a slot mortiser now and am . The term “mortise chain” often refers to the complete set composed of a chain, a guide bar and a sprocket, used to produce slots of different dimensions in wood. The set is mounted on a mortising machine, either stationary or portable. My first mortiser machine. the mortises had to be cut by hand and took a while to achieve but today we have routers or chain mortiser which can perform rapid mortices in concession. If you need to join two pieces of wood together then the domino could help. I use mine for jointing frames, kitchen carcasses, cabinets and jointing.

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