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Chicks then leap and glide from nest to the ground or into water, sometimes dozens of feet down. Biological Survey now the U. If beavers are around, don't wood duck box plans ducks unlimited to nest boxes on poplar or white birch trees. In terms of distance inland, try to keep your box close to the water. Ho should not be hidden. Be sure to place the box in a location that will be convenient for monitoring and annual maintenance.

Up to five boxes per applicant will be available for distribution throughout the state. All applicants will be notified as to the status of their application by January. Approved applicants will be supplied with a wood duck box and predator shield. Each box also requires 4"x 4"x 10' post along with the hardware for mounting the box and predator shield. Posts and hardware may be purchased at local lumber yards and home improvement stores. Boxes should not be hidden.

Boxes should be placed so that there is a 40'' flight line in front of the box that is free from obstructions such as tree limbs or bushes. Using a 4"x4"x10' treated wooden post, the post should be buried deep enough " to support the weight of the box and secure enough to support monitoring activities. If using lag bolts, drill a hole for the lag bolts used to mount the box. Install the post into the ground.

Slip the predator guard over the post, but do not nail to post. Mount the box onto the post; then nail the predator guard in place, just below the box. When attaching the box to the post, use 2, 3"- 5" lag bolts or 4, 2"- 3" deck screws instead of nails. Bolts and screws make it easier to remove boxes in the future for replacement or repair as necessary.

Also, avoid placing the box where stiff branches are close to the box. Raccoons can climb these branches and gain access to the box. Make sure the poles are fixed solidly in the soil or marsh bottom, to ensure that the nest boxes are stable.

Drill two holes in this pole to accommodate a predator guard. Every year in the fall, after the nesting season has completed, or in the winter, clean out old nesting material from the box and replace it with a fresh layer of wood shavings. This annual cleaning needs to be part of your long-term maintenance commitment Small Jewelry Box Woodworking Plans once you place your nest box. Once a cavity nesting bird starts using your box, you'll likely see many broods raised over the years.

Nesting sites for these birds are limited in number. When they find a good nesting site, there is a very good chance they'll return in following years. If you don't have any ducks using your box over the summer, don't worry. Waterfowl biologists have seen waterfowl migrating in the fall scope out potential nesting sites for next spring.

This too is a good reason to keep your boxes in top condition. You never know when a duck might choose your nesting box. This information has been compiled from the nest box guide for waterfowl by Ducks Unlimited and the Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada; and a conservator article by Mearl Ronney Vol. Conservation : Waterfowl Research.

Where to Find Tenants To increase the chances of your nest box being used by waterfowl, it should be located in an area attractive to cavity nesting ducks. Positioning Your Nest Box Nest boxes can be mounted on tree trunks or on steel poles beside the water or above the water. Good placement: A dead tree at the water's edge Better placement: A solid dead tree in the water Best placement: Boxes on poles near standing, flooded, dead trees Note: Live trees can be used for mounting boxes, but keep a close eye on your box.

Tree Trunks Live and dead trees are suitable. Steel Poles Make sure the poles are fixed solidly in the soil or marsh bottom, to ensure that the nest boxes are stable.

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