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The WoodRiver Block Hand Plane is based on the venerable Stanley #65 low angle and #18 standard angle “Knuckle Cap” design, generally considered one of. IBC Hand Plane Blades That Fit Lie-Nielsen, Qiangsheng, Wood River Blade Chipbreaker Matched set #3, #5 1/4, RBMS, $ The IBC blade is high vanadium A-2 steel, ” thick, HRc and cryogenically treated to. WoodRiver #5 Bench Plane, V3: www.- : Tools & Home Improvement. America's leading supplier of saws, planes, power tools, hand tools, wood stain and paint, routers, sanding, wood, kits, dust collection and more. 60 global ratings. Why we love what we do? As I add planes, I'll definitely come back to Cosmanized Wood river planes. Knuckle Style. You'll have to make that decision for yourself. Includes blade and a matched chip-breaker. Skip to main content.

The No. ⁄2 Low Angle Block Plane is ⁄16" long by ⁄16" wide and features a ⁄8" wide blade set at 12° for great performance, especially on end grain and soft woods. The low blade angle creates more of a shearing cut that reduces chatter. Jun 16,  · Removing the arris is simple with a block plane as the singlehanded use means your non-dominant hand is free to hold the wood. When I worked in shop-fitting, some decades ago now, three block planes numbered as models 60 ½, , 9 ½ were well proven and better-made block Wood River Planes Canada Vessel planes that were somewhat irreplaceable for some particular tasks. Standout features include: Knuckle Style Lever Cap, High Carbon Tool Blade, 25 Degree Blade Angle /8"W x "T, 2"W x 7"L and hardened to Rc for maximum edge retention. WoodRiver Standard Block Hand Plane. WoodRiver Low Angle Block Wood River Plane Setup Menu Hand Plane/5(84).

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