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common types of roofs and basic framing terms. TYPES OF ROOFS The most commonly used types of pitched roof construction are the gable, the hip, the intersecting, and the shed (or lean-to). An example of each is shown in figure Gable A gable roof has a ridge at the center and slopes in two directions. It is the form most commonly used by. May 29,  · Framing a roof is the last step in framing new construction. While most home builders will outsource the construction of roofing trusses–the rafter supports of the roof itself–learning to frame a roof yourself is one of the true arts of carpentry, and a basic primer is covered below%(42). Jan 07,  · This is found under the Extensions tab on my Revit Nothing like it available for my Revit The Rafter Framing Tool was, very quick and easy as a starting point that could be modified.. I could model different roof lines and try out different framing concepts all day long with this.

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