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Rectangular Rite Trak I. If your parts say "Kenlin" on them, these will replace it perfectly as there is only one size made. I am interested in: check all that apply. Handyman Service is currently not available in your area. Not a member? Shepherd Steel Lazy Susan Bearing 1 pk.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These Kenlin Replacement drawer parts can be used to replace all existing Kenlin Rite Trak drawer parts. They are true Kenlin parts produced by the Kenlin mfg. The small number on the back of the piece is simply a production lot number and may vary based on when the parts are produced. We highly recommend purchasing the commercial versions with the metal backplate for support. The plate adds a great deal of strength to the support.

If your parts say "Kenlin" on them, these will replace it perfectly as there is only one size made. Are there different Kenlin sizes? Answer: No, there is only one 1 size of Kenlin plastic drawer glides but two different styles. Rectangular Rite Trak I. How can I make insta llati on easier? Answer: Please place drawer glide in a cup of water and microwave for minutes.

Very carefully remove glide from hot water. The plastic glide will cool quickly but will remain flexible so it will install much easier on the metal track. Hettich Johnson Hardware Knape and Vogt Monadnock Millwork - Barnfold Hardware 4. National Hardware Richards-Wilcox 3. Stanley dormakaba USA Inc. Sugatsune 1. Sure-Loc Hardware, Inc 1. US Futaba ABS 1.

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