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This is the most common veneer cut, generates the highest log yield, and is often the least expensive. Ribbed A Rotary cut: Cut on a lathe, just like paper coming of a roll, vener cutting can yield sheets of veneer with broad, variegated grain patterns. Durable painted aluminum trim molding harmonizes wood veneer panels for walls journal any FRP finish. Order samples Wood Cutting Hand Saw For Sale Quotes Technical Info.

This process can produce a limited amount of full-sized, whole piece veneers. This is the most common veneer cut, generates the highest log yield, and is often the least expensive.

Quarter: A quarter log is mounted so the slicing knife cuts across the growth rings close to a right angle. The overall result is a narrow, straight grain appearance. This is a popular veneer cutting method for red and white oak as it produces a ray flake pattern.

Rift: Producing similar effects to quarter slicing, rift cutting produces a narrow, straight tight, grain and is generally used only with red and white oak. This process, although costlier due to lower yields, provides a more uniform appearance and minimizes the ray flake pattern in white or red oak. Book: Alternating leaves of veneer are turned over so adjacent leaves Woodwork Ideas For Beginners Journal resemble pages of a book mirror effect.

This creates a symmetrical pattern and yields maximum continuity of the grain. Book is the most common match type. Slip: Adjoining veneer leaves are placed in sequence without being turned so the same side of the veneer leaves are exposed. Visually, the leaves do not match at the joints, but the grain is repeated in appearance.

This enhances color uniformity as all faces have similar light refection. Plank: The veneer leaves of the same species are selected and assembled in a dissimilar way in color, grain, or width to simulate lumber planking.

This match is typically used with rustic woods to ensure characteristic marks are evenly distributed throughout the sheet. Wood Wall Paneling. Exclusive Ultra-Gloss.

Grain-Filled Matte. Automated Precision Finishing. Classic Clear Topcoat. Custom Stain. Quick Links. About Us. Connect with us. Find a location. White PVC Trim. Outside Corner M Anodized Aluminum Trim. Inside Corner A Outside Corner A Division A Edge A Harmonizing Aluminum Trim. Durable painted aluminum trim molding harmonizes with any FRP finish.

Designer Aluminum Trim. Ribbed A Radius A Square Channel A Quick Specs. Wipes clean with easily with standard cleaning solutions. Costs less than most tile, laminate, and natural materials. Artizan FRP.

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