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We offer pipe and bar clamps as well as 4 way clamps for panel glue ups. Face Frame Clamps. Parts A and B form a glued up panel, so you don't need to cut four blanks from the naw and glue them together again. Sign Up. The table saw and crosscuts go hand in hand. Filter Results. Read Here.

We'll show you how. Don't let your saw horses slack off. Check out a few great ways to make them work harder. Try this quick and easy finish and it might become your "go-to" choice for great-looking projects. Perfectly mounted hardware is a sure sign of a true craftsman. Learn the simple secret.

Close Subscription Menu. Keep up to date with. Sign Up. Home Magazine Issue February Issue Read Online. Subscribe to Woodsmith magazine Subscribe Today. New Parallel-Jaw Clamps 8. Sources A set of parallel-jaw clamps, like those in the article on page 8 of Woodsmith No. Splinter-Free Crosscuts Drop-Front Storage Center Page Photo The hinges depicted in the photo are not the same ones cited in the Sources section.

The part cited in Sources, H antique brass drop-leaf table hinges will work for this project. Page Instructions The last sentence of the final full paragraph with the subheading "Make the Drawers" should be changed to read: Once these things are completed, you can glue and screw the case together.

Sources The storage center on page 12 of Woodsmith No. Wide-Screen TV Cabinet Updates Page Main illustration The dimension for the location of the dado in each of the two parts 'D' Vertical Partition is missing. The measurements shown in the illustration on the same page are correct. The cutting diagram is correct. Page Supplies List The supplies list in this project had two errors. Shop Notebook Updates Page Photo The hinges depicted in the photo are not the same ones cited in the Sources section for the drop-front storage center.

Campaign Chest Updates Page Cutting diagram Two corrections. Parts A and B form a glued up panel, so you don't need to cut four blanks from the board and glue them together again. Only two are needed from each of the Wood Whisperer Parallel Clamps Youtube top two boards. In the third board down, part letters C and D are transposed. The materials list is correct. Page Source for case handle. Sources The campaign chest on page 30 of Woodsmith No.

Half-Blind Dovetails Driving Screws Sawhorse Upgrades Success With Wiping Varnish Insetting Brass Corners Final Details My Account. My Cart. Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Brand Bessey. Lake Erie Toolworks Inc. Dubuque Clamp Works.

Trim Clip. Show More. Featured Clearance. Types Quick Action. Face Frame. Clamp On. Flooring Clamp. Grip Puller. Heavy Duty. Vacuum Base. Vacuum Base Portable. Product Bench Vise. Woodworkers Vise. Clamping Squares. Bar Clamps. Clamp Rack.

Clamp Pads. Mechanics Vise. Peg Fence. Clamping System Replacement Bars. Dog Peg. Floor Vises. Klamp Table System. Strap Clamp Corners. Bench Dogs. Corner Clamps. Jaw Pads. Parallel Clamps. Pen Press. Replacement Hooks. Replacement Steel Rods. Steel Rods. Table Clamp. Capacity 12". Jaw Width 4". Material Metal. Ships From Woodcraft. Woodcraft - Special Order. Woodworking Clamps and Vises.

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