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This simple, shop-made jig transforms your plunge router into a precision mortising machine and guarantees fast, easy, and accurate mortises. Jigs & Fixtures Woodsmith Plans provides hundreds of high-quality, shop-tested plans for makers of all skill levels to . Nov 13,  · Join the Woodsmith Shop team as they build two jigs that turn a basic router into a woodworking joint making Finger Joint Jig For Hand Router Example powerhouse. First up is a mortising jig that improves speed and accuracy. The second jig creates box joints that are not only strong, but eye-catching, too. This jig keeps your router bit at a consistent height, removing high spots on a board’s face. Pieces of scrap plywood and framing timber can be used to make the housing of this jig. A handful of fasteners helps with assembly, and adding some wax or finish will improve the look of the jig (and distinguish it from other scrap wood).

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