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The wood element governs our relationship to order, planning, and control. Without self-awareness, assertion woodwork for beginners yoga become aggressive, or assertion can dwindle to be non-existent as we shrink from aspects of self we are not entirely comfortable with. Learning yoga can vary depending on the source you use to learn the exercises it entails. Thank you so much for publishing this book. On the textured path of mindful healing, Kali is celebrated for her integration of the 5 Elements and Chinese Meridian Theory with self-inquiry, embodied Anatomy, Buddhist Philosophy of Equanimity, and woodwork for beginners yoga intellect. Anyone listening can follow with ease.

The liver secretes various substances required by the body including glucose, proteins, vitamins and fats. There are more than known functions carried out by the liver, including conversion of carbohydrates, processing of protein, storage of iron, assembly of amino acids, destructions of toxins such as nicotine and alcohol. The liver is one of the most congested of all organs in modern day - excess fats, chemicals intoxicants, and denatured foods must all be processed by and through the liver, which need to be in prime working order to filter and detoxify our bodies.

A branch of the liver meridian extends into the eyes and governs our physical and psychological vision, being in tune with a vision for our life's purpose. Wood energy is responsible for seeing this vision clearly and ordering and planning the steps to make our visions a reality. If these emotions not processed, it can lead to disharmony or disease in the system. Learning to deal with frustration and anger is an essential part of learning to assert and express oneself. Without self-awareness, assertion can become aggressive, or assertion can dwindle to be non-existent as we shrink from aspects of self we are not entirely comfortable with.

Season : Each element is felt most strongly during a particular season. Constitutional Personality Types: Imbalanced Wood types tend to suppress emotions, staying quietly rigid and unflexible in their views and behavior.

Likely to have episodes of explosive reactivity, stubbornness, irritability after suppressing for so long. Wood imbalanced type can be timid and lack courage to express oneself fully, or on the opposite side of the spectrum can be overassertive in their opinion and the attempt to obtain what they want. Anger and resentment can result from both patterns.

Emotional symptoms of imbalance:. Balanced Wood : Confident and intuitive, patient and able to express emotions as they arise. Able to express their personality instead of assert themselves, smooth and relaxed. The key lesson for wood is to express oneself and allow growth with patience and compassion and fully accepting themselves exactly as they are.

Wood Element Yoga A wood element practice is one to support the liver in its optimal functioning. As the energetics are a moving, shifting stagnant energy, we can use twists as a cleansing technique which helps us approach the center line more aptly, and hip openers to clear the debris. Got some large hardcover books lying around? Have an old scarf or the belt from a robe? They function perfectly as yoga straps. Your couch pillow can double as a bolster, and a couple of folded towels or a thick throw works as a yoga blanket.

You may also notice that your yoga practice becomes a moving meditation when there is no outside voice to distract you and you are able to focus yourself completely in the moment. Online yoga is more fun and economical than a DVD because you get unlimited access to hundreds of classes for one monthly cost. Think of Savasana as your delicious reward after hard work. Not only does it feel amazing and allow all the benefits of your practice to sink in, but when you practice at home you can stay for as long as your body and mind needs.

Julie Kleinman Wood began practicing yoga 25 years ago at the Jivamukti yoga center in New York and she has been part of the YogaWorks family for the last 20 years in several different capacities including student, teacher trainee, greeter, teacher trainer, cultural ambassador, and manager.

On the teaching front, Julie has taught all levels of students from brand new beginners to aspiring teachers. She expanded her role to the business side of YogaWorks in , first by helping to integrate YogaWorks New York studio acquisitions and then by joining the Teacher Training department, ultimately overseeing YogaWorks renowned Teacher Training Program.

Julie is a wife and busy mom to a 3-year old and step-mom to a year old.

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