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Pens and markers will Woodworking Gift Ideas Reddit Youtube not work in a woodworker’s workshop. Plane. A plane is responsible for smoothing and flattening a rough or curved board. It’s similar to a razor and shaves off small wood bits until the board is straight and smooth.  Now let’s take a look at some essential woodworking power tools. Circular Saw. A circular saw is a handheld power tool that’s extremely versatile and can cut several materials and is perfect for the woodshop. It’s extremely powerful and attaches to guards that can create straight lines.  The miter saw is a type of circular saw mounted on a device that allows you to pull it down to make cuts in the wood. Miter saws are perfect for cutting wood to a specific length or angle and are typically used for molding trim in picture frames. Orbital Sander. Miter Saw Table - by rkober @ www.- ~ woodworking community. Karen workshop. Muscle Rack 5-Shelf Steel Shelving, Silver-Vein, 24" D x 48" W x 72" H - www.-   I built this convertible saw station/modular workbench. The miter saw rotates beneath the top surface to make room for the table saw out-feed and/or additional work space. (Gallery in comments). /r/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or Dennis Lloyd Workshop. Wooden Decorative Design Special Process Triple Rope Shelf Bookcase. i have a rigid miter saw, and am trying to find some clamps that can hold the cutting material down. i am shortly going to be cutting some aluminum extrusitions, and want to clamp both side of the work. for the life of me, i cant find. nothing from mfg. the fence has 2 holes on each side, but?? i have plenty of.  Clamping both sides can be a little hairy in my experience. If anything shifts (even a bit of table flexing) there’s often nowhere for the work to go but into the kerf. The miter saw can throw and/or destroy a workpiece in ways that are different than what we expect from other tools. In most cases I find I am more comfortable with only one side clamped so in case of movement the other side can shift away. Otherwise you could even bend the blade cutting aluminum.

Before posting, check that your content doesn't violate the rules below. Links to our members shops. Miter saw self. Hi there! I'm about to buy my first miter saw, and I need help choosing the model. Take the makita 10" blade if it's a sliding mitre saw. Dewalt 12" will do you well but I think it's less accurate and aimed at construction vs cabinetry. I'm kinda cheap so I have the Kobalt 10" sliding saw from Lowe's and it works great.

Dust collection is awful but it cuts very well. I have the sliding one from Menard's. Good to know it's not just me with the awful dust collection. Must be a feature on cheap saws. My shop vac does what it can but it's the design and flow of the dust port that prevents Black Cabinet Cam Locks Not Working the vac from doing its job.

Aside from coming with a "coarser" blade, how would it be aimed at construction vs cabinetry? If the Dewalt isn't accurate it should just need adjustment. If the 10" isn't sliding, you'll only get 6" of crosscut.

A 12" has about 8" of crosscut, whereas a 10" slider get like 12" of crosscut. If it is a sliding arm 10" blade is great if not I would recommend the 12" blade for larger pieces. Do NOT woodworking miter saw reddit not working the harbor freight 12"sliding double bevel miter woodworking miter saw reddit not working. I got it recently on sale to replace my old 10" saw.

I had to replace the first one because the back fence was totally woodworking miter saw reddit not working square. After checking two saws in the store, I found one that was nice and square. I was pretty happy with it for about a week.

Then when doing a sliding cut on some hardwood, the blade got tight somehow and grabbed the wood, exploding the back fence. I am looking at picking up a 10" Ridgid compound mitre saw.

Anyone have good experiences with it? I have the dw I really like it. Only complaint is, it's kind of hard to tell exactly where the blade is going to come down. I'd stay far away from black and wrecker.

I have their drill and had a few Sanders from them and they are junky. Edit: 10" blade is fine for most things, but most table saw blades are 10" so it doesn't give you any advantage from having a miter sled. I would try for a sliding arm or a 12" woodworking miter saw reddit not working. I usually bring Dewalt Miter Saw And Table Of Contents the blade down while its off to see exactly where it will come down; though if you want a laser, there are aftermarket lasers.

Someone has a nice "double" laser on their saw that shows exactly where both edges of the blade will strike, I'm not sure whose that is though. Yeah I bring it down too, it just slides a bit some times.

I'll have to look into those lasers. Same company, different specs, different target consumer. A lot of companies do this. Lexus is owned by Toyota. Are you telling me you think a top of the line Lexus is the same as the woodworking miter saw reddit not working Toyota? It's also amazing that more enterprise networks aren't supported by Linksys edge routers The new DeWalt 60volt cordless miter saws look awesome, I can't tell you how many times a cordless miter saw would come in handy.

If you're looking for the most versatile woodworking miter saw reddit not working unit, I'd search out a double bevel 10" sliding miter saw, Makita had a pretty sweet one last I checked. I've done lots and lots of trim.

Never once did I cut a compound angle using the double bevel feature Also save up for a dedicated miter blade. Took me a few years, but a got a Forrest Chopmaster last year and woodworking miter saw reddit not working blown away by the difference in cut. In tight grain, it is amazing. I have it on a Ridged 12" slider. This guy is right, I went from a basic 10" carbide tipped blade on my Kobalt 10" slider, to an Irwin Marples And the Marples isn't even as nice a blade as the one this guy just linked.

Single bevel is fine, unless you are a trim carpenter. Dewalt and Makita are the best two options. Dewalt is my preference. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

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No off-topic content. Includes but not limited to religious and political topics. Projects related to firearms, religion, or flags will be allowed but locked. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. It was perfectly accurate right out of the box. It seems to spit dust everywhere except the outflow thing.

I'm in the market for a nice bandsaw now. They're the same company. Woodworking miter saw reddit not working prefer a ten year old car over a new one myself. Cisco and Linksys are produced by the same company I believe Cisco owns everything.

I am just getting into wood working and I have a few tools that get me by, but I’m struggling with making proper 90 degree cuts with my circular. So I am looking into miter saws. I do not have a big budget so I was looking for budget friendly saws that make accurate cuts. Jul 23,  · Miter Saw, Bigger isn't always better, just more impressive I have 2 12" Mak sliders, the Mak 7+" and am looking at either the new Mak 10" or Bosch. While it's true they all can cut about the same width (~12"), the payout for me is the depth of cut, which, due to the 12" blade, is greater than on a 10"er over the entire travel length. Do NOT get the harbor freight 12"sliding double bevel miter saw. I got it recently on sale to replace my old 10" saw. I had to replace the first one because the back fence was totally not square. After checking two saws in the store, I found one that was nice and square. I was pretty happy with it for about a week.

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