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One of our favorites is called Bendy Board. As you can see in the photo, it is quite flexible. That determines which way the sheet bends. When we make woodworking vacuum systems 886 Woodworking Shop Vacuum Systems Corp curved part we use two layers of Bendy Board with urea Woodworking Shop Vacuum Systems Theory resin adhesive between woodworking vacuum systems 886. What does remain the same would be the use of a form, with the flexible substrate.

Again, the form needs to allow for slight relaxing of the curve, after the piece comes out of the bag. Also, woodworking vacuum systems 886 glue choice is important.

It must be a rigid gluelike a Urea Resin Glue, unless of course your project will have a structure that will keep the desired shape intact. We make a fair amount of hall, or Demilune tables. This is a great way to practice inlay and marquetry, and also create furniture which is easy to sell on consignment, or give away. While they all look different, many are the same size and shape. That was the perfect opportunity for us to make a form for the aprons.

The right hand image is woodworking vacuum systems 886 form. Note the form has packing tape on it, which keeps the form from becoming a permanent part of the table.

This form has seen a lot of use, and as you can see, there is virtually no glue on it. The second photo shows the vacuum bad in use. The left hand photo show the apron ready for a fine veneer. The images below show a home office we were commissioned to build. Both sides of the room had matching cabinets.

The end cabinet on each side was woodworking vacuum systems 886. Obviously a curved door was needed on the top and bottom of each side. The size of the form these doors required would not permit us to make them with the form inside the vacuum bag.

Woodwoorking shown gacuum the second photo, you can glue up the doors, place them into a vacuum bag and clamp the assembly, bag and all to the form. Had that not been a possibility, we would have had to come up with a plan Woodworking vacuum systems 886, as described below. The first photo shows the back side of the form.

As you can see it is a fairly simple design. Not too much in the way of reinforcing was needed. A hollow form like this would have been crushed by the vacuum, vachum this been placed inside the vacuum bag, unless an air bladder was placed inside of the form.

This bladder would provide equal pressure on the inside of the form. On smaller projects, like the table apron shown above, a solid form is a practical solution.

There are hollow areas away from the edges. But anything within three or four inches away from the edges are solid. As a side notethe green felt you see inside the bag in the second photo prevents the vacuum inlet tube from sucking tight to the wood and not evacuating air throughout the entire bag. In almost every case a form is woodworking vacuum systems 886 to create curved parts.

The photos below of a custom desk, which was built for this same home office, did not require a vacuum system, as the construction technique permitted the curves to be formed. Bendy board was still woodworing on the curves and they woodworking vacuum systems 886 get veneered using the iron on method.

See Yellow Glue for details on that. The desk, as in every project, required some thinking to come up with a feasible construction plan, and while it did not require the vacuum system, I felt Grizzly Woodworking Dust Collection Systems Engine woodworking vacuum systems 886 would be good to show other options here, as tunnel vision is easy to develop and could woodwoking your creativity.

Privacy Policy. Vacuum Systems For Woodworking. Click image to purchase. Vacuuum created by: Lee A.

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