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CraftsmanRestorationsVises and Clamps. Craftsman Woodworking Vise. Craftsman rebranded vises from various manufacturers over the years, and if you know the prefix code from the model numberyou can decode the OEM. Parts diagram showing components for a Craftsman Woodworking Vise.

The vise is relatively simple in terms of construction. The jaws are cast iron, and heavy the whole assembly is about 37 lbs. You have a back jaw, which is bolted under a workbench. The front dynamic jaw rides on two solid steel rods that engage holes through the back jaw. The main screw passes under the back jaw, where it runs through a cast woodworking vise restoration 4d main nut and nut carrier.

The nut and carrier are responsible for the quick release function of the vise: one half turn counter clockwise woodworking vise restoration 4d the screw and nut, allowing the front jaw to be slid freely back and forth; a half turn clockwise re-engages it, and it tightens normally.

The end of the screw goes through the drag bar and is captured by a cotter pin. The front jaw houses a steel dog and a standard handle. You can place plywood or hardwood jaw liners on the front and rear faces.

These may — possibly — be replaced: User The Copilot on Garage Journal found a suitable, similar replacement nut for his Columbian no. Still, this may be an option if your vise needs a replacement nut, without which, it will not function correctly. The drag bar is visible. Removing the cotter pin was surprisingly difficult, and I ended up cutting woodworking vise restoration 4d and driving it out with a punch. The original dog was missing, but the previous owner replaced it with a very nice heavy!

It is held against the front jaws using a small leaf spring behind the dog. I wire-wheeled the dog and then treated it with Perma-blue and paste wax to give it some protection from rust. Upper side of the rear jaw. There is a Columbian model number casting mark by the lower part see next photo.

The casting mark 10R-2A is the same woodworking vise restoration 4d Columbian used on their model 10R woodworking vise, confirming this Craftman was made by Columbian. I tried using a gel paint stripper, but it made a horrible mess woodworking vise restoration 4d I will never use one again.

Nasty stuff. I ended up wire-wheeling the whole thing. I later sanded the rods by hand until they were polished. Front jaw, rods, woodworking vise restoration 4d lead screw. Masking them after wire-wheeling them clean was perfectly fine. Detail of the front jaws, now primed. No need to show you the entire priming process.

I let the primer sit for a week or two mainly because I was busythenI painted the jaws and drag bar with Rust-oleum Hammered Light Blue from a spray can. Verde Green would have been pretty too, but it is semi-discontinued and was much too spendy for me. I was very happy with the light blue, however. I think it gives it a nice, vintage midth century appearance.

I hit it with two light coats followed by two heavy woodworking vise restoration 4d about 5 minutes apart. The blue is very subtle — my camera kept making it look gray. I got a pretty decent hammered look to the paint on the front jaws. Front and rear jaws, painted with Rust-oleum hammered light blue. Dog was cold blued with repeated coats until dark.

Mounting the vise was a bit of a pain, mainly because I was over-thinking trying to get a perfect clearance hole for the vise to slide into. I finally woodworking vise restoration 4d the whole thing into a rectangle. One final thing you can do is to cut a piece of leather and attach it to the front jaw pad. Paul Sellers recommends this for increasing the grip in this style of vise.

Then I soaked the top of the leather in rubbing alcohol and clamped woodworking vise restoration 4d board across the top of the vise to hold the leather flat.

A day or two later, I removed the board and the leather was formed to the vise as nicely as I could ask. I pressed the leather down tight over the vise jaw and clamped it in place, then soaked the top in alcohol and clamped a board down over it to form the leather as the alcohol evaporated.

It is now quite well formed. Did any of this info help you out? If so, toss a couple buck in my PayPal tip jar! Hi from south-west France—I moved here from England in and I have arrived here from a link in an episode of Paul Sellers showing how he fits his vices to the bench. I have to do this myself in the coming months and I just hope that I can do as good a job with the restoration as you, and as good a job with the fitting as the both of you.

Glad I found this! Needs a little cleaning up, but is in good working order, excited to learn its from the 60s! Mine is missing one cap to the wooden handle. Any suggestions? Mine was just held on with a screw, so I could see how it would get lost.

Some guys just replace it with pipe and pipe caps, but I think wood is better because it limits the torque you can apply. Hopefully a wooden handle would break before the iron of the vise cracked.

Good luck and thanks for visiting and commenting! Comments really encourage me to keep this site going. Any idea where I could find a relacement? I refer to a guy in the entry who found a similar one woodworking vise restoration 4d Milwaukee Tool Co. One may, or may notwork on ours, but it may be worth making some measurements and calling them up.

Wish I could suggest better options. If you find a replacement part, please come back and post here so others will have the info too! Good luck! Thanks for the reply. Great job on yours, by woodworking vise restoration 4d way!! Lots of good information here. Awesome job. I am putting mine back together as a final check woodworking vise restoration 4d sandblasting it and It can open on the nut and carrier but wont close.

If you have a picture of that by any chance? Or if I am simply using it wrong???? I have it woodworking vise restoration 4d on a table it is not mounted… idk if that could have anything to do with it? Hm…the nut carrier assembly must be free to rotate a half turn. You could try a little grease there for some sticktivity, or wait for a little shop dust to get on the threads and tighten things up.

Let me know how it worked out! Merry Christmas! I just picked up this very same vise from an ad on a Facebook group.

Even with the rust everything works. All parts are present and original. I kinda think this thing has never been mounted. Thank you for your write up of your resto and for all the pics. Much appreciated! I do think heirs may be willing to unbolt a vise for sale, but you may certainlu have a nice, lightly-used vise.

Congratulations and happy new year! I am getting a passed to me from my father, who got it from my grandfather, still attached to a bench. My grandfather was a consummate woodworker, so Woodworking vise restoration 4d know this vice has history.

I am doing research on restoring it, which is how I found your blog. I like the fact that you tried to remain true woodworking vise restoration 4d the original color of your vice. I finally received my woodworking vise restoration 4d, and am beginning restoration. A co-decision between my son and I resulted in the vice being painted in hammered black. Lubricated the main screw and quick-release with axle grease.

Everything works perfectly. As my son and I share the bench, often at the same time, I installed it as secondary for him to use. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Top view.

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