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Behold, 20 of the funniest YouTube videos ever, according to Reddit

Hi, Guest Login Register. Pages: [ 1 ] 2 3 4 All Go Down. Read times. JPCleary Posts: Similar to the PodCast question woodworking youtube reddit, what woodworking YouTube channels do you follow? TinyShop Posts: Ooo, this is going to be a good thread!

I only recently started periodically revisiting a few channels. Svar Posts: ChuckM Posts: I felt happy for them when I saw some customers there, finalizing their orders for the elegant high-end pieces. Inspiring woodworking youtube reddit the kind of furniture work I do.

DynaGlide Posts: Mike Farrington and Peter Millard go straight Woodworking Veneer Youtube to the top woodworking youtube reddit my list. Woodgrafter is all Festool and has taken the reigns of Paul Marcel.

Mike's Woodshop is genuinely enjoyable but not as focused percent on woodworking as he is a plumber with other tool reviews. He's a really nice guy. Obligatory Dave Stanton and Peter Parfitt. I found his way of making tapered table legs to support a bottom shelf very simple woodworking youtube reddit clever.

There are so many more I think it depnds on your style woodworking youtube reddit what you like making. I find all these videos have woodworking youtube reddit to teach and even if I pick up on tidbit of knowledge, I learned something.

Theres some good sites already posted Ive bookmarked them. Here is one I woodworking youtube reddit. Nice suggestions So there was this young kid's channel I came across sometime in the last year but I can't remember his name woodworking youtube reddit be able to search for it.

It was very Festool focused and I remember he was working in a very small shop space. I don't know if this is ringing a woodworking youtube reddit for anyone, but if you think you know who I'm talking about tell me who you're thinking of Ster Posts: Quote from: Ster on March 09,PM. I have a bunch that I check on sporadically. These are some of the ones I prefer.

It was a high burn out occupation Eric Mr Big Erock ended up disappointed and changing direction, but most likely in a way that was good for him personally.

Paul Marcel seeks to join the circus. Dave Reinhold surfs. Bryce does what Bryce is comfortable with at Bryce's pace. The whole social media insanity of the past few years has kind of cycled through and I think it is cool that all of these guys kept track of who they were personally and professionally, and kept moving their own lives forward in spite of any woodworking youtube reddit of online pressure.

Personally, I follow guys who are legit doing it all for a living, and because they love it. Guys like Tom Bader tjbnwi. Thats where I learn the most.

Scott Burt www. Bob Wolfe Posts: Nailed IT Posts: Not as active on YouTube as before, but for all things finishing Charles Neil. AndrewG Posts: He seems a natural at explaining processes and is posting regularly videos. Highly recommended. Roseland Posts: Bert Vanderveen Posts: Woodworking Gift Ideas Reddit Youtube Vondawg Posts: Runhard Posts: The Samurai Carpenter is pretty good as well as the others mentioned.

I do miss Half Inch Shy. Quote from: Vondawg on March 10,PM. Womble Posts: Awesome suggestions everyone! Quick poll - How many of you just listen Woodworking Bench Hold Downs Youtube to the audio while on Youtube - why? Alan m Posts: Lots of great channels already mentioned. Another I found recently is Bevelish Creations, fairly new channel. Plenty of nice tools - uses some Festool stuff and all the usual suspects such as woodpeckers, incra, sawstop etc.

He comes up with very creative projects and has an awesome woodworking youtube reddit of humor. SMF 2. Skyline by DzinerStudio.

r/BeginnerWoodWorking: The go-to place for those who are new to woodworking. Tedswoodworking BEST DISCOUNT - FULL PACK DISCOUNT-- Here's What You're Ge. Nov 17,  · You’ll find here, quite a comprehensive list of YouTube woodworking channels, and I must thank the woodworkers of reddit for helping me put this list together. I did originally decide decide that a channel needed to have a minimum of subscribers to be included on the list but after a lot of feedback I decided to include every channel.

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