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Подписчиков: 5 тыс.О себе: Выставка дизайна и современного столярного искусства ⚒ с года. О сервисе Прессе Авторские права Связаться с нами Авторам Рекламодателям. I took up a woodwork class in year 12 last year, this was my first ever project. 4yr · Dudawar_Falcon. · r/woodworking. Batman artist Mikel Janin creates a get well soon drawing for a 12 year old who just had emergency brain. 1yr · icefourthirtythree. · r/HumansBeingBros. This sand castle built by the Year 12 Woodwork Portfolio Youtube hands of a creative 12 year old. 4mo · Astrofluke. · r/nextfuckinglevel.

Investigation/Research Page Development of Design Ideas – Possible Solutions 1 - 4 Page Final Solution Page Materials Page Joining Methods Page Working Drawings/Sketches Page Cutting List Page 16File Size: 30KB. This 12 inch diameter cherry bowl holds miscellaneous junque on my dresser. The worm tracks make an interesting touch. This 12 inch diameter oak flower pot was the first large turning I did. The wood came from the local golf course's free firewood pile. Woodworking’ by Chris Simpsono x It also had joinery and tools information that was vital for the construction of my project ¯. E.g. x how to join drawers together 18 High band 6 HSC - Industrial Technology x how to create a perfect bend in plywood (i.e. vacuum bag) x dowel, biscuit and mitre joints.

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