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Olalekan Nov 16, You nailed it. Azhari Ibnu Umar Sep 24, Thanks for the tutorial, I serach many tricks on google but only this work for me. Click on 'add CSS' maje enter the code as printed here. This was a huge help thanks!! Alex Rejba Jun 29, Awesome tip, thank you so much! Thanks a lot. Try removing those if you do.

Having the on the actual keys makes the choice even more logical, thoughtful and helpful. Adding shift into the mix for no reason, other than to , I guess, keep it consistent with typing, is unnecessarily cumbersome.

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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This site uses cookies, including to personalise ads. Armin Apr 19, Thank you very much, awesome trick! Nuffe Apr 05, Thanks bro worked great on Wordpress. Nick Mar 10, In case it's running on an http site. It uses whatever the host site is using essentially. Why was https: eliminated? Mr Mar 08, Thank you! That's i needed for my blog. Kevin Mar 05, Great stuff. Pasted the code in and ready to go.

Michal Jan 14, Awesome, but how can I change width of embedded iframe and center it horizontally. I already had a container and really didn't want to have to account for all the media query sizes. Thank you very much! Alinda Jan 09, Amazing! Works very well. Thank you! Abijah Gupta Nov 07, Works flawlessly! I'm currently rebuilding my website and used this technique in the video gallery grid view. Turns out it also works great with images, so I used it in the photo gallery as well!

This was a huge help thanks!! Anonymouse Oct 04, Saved my nerves, thanks! Hardcoder Sep 18, Thanks a ton buddy. You saved my day. Jess Aug 21, ermfg you just made that whole ordeal a 30 sec process. Viktor Jul 30, WOW, love you!! Ryan Jun 18, Thank you! Freek Jun 15, This is quite brilliant. I used it as custom CSS in a Wordpress theme, just changed the class names to ytcontainer and ytvideo so they were unique, and presto: completely responsive youtube video embed.

Thanks a lot! Fabrizio Mar 15, Thank you a lot! You solved a big problem for me Hardik Chaudhari Mar 06, Great one! I never think of this. Thank you so much for saving my time. Ron Feb 26, Great job! I was looking for this solution a long time. You saved my day as well. Thank you so much!

Reny Feb 20, Thank you so much! It worked perfectly, you saved my day! Ricardo Jan 27, Works perfectly, thanks for sharing. Lol Jan 26, Thanks, that helped me. Gary Jan 19, Thank you, I have been looking for this for a long time :.

Cynthia Jan 01, Thank you - this works perfect! DaWe Dec 13, Thank you, it's easy :. Mark Dec 06, How do you add autoplay to this code? Paul Nov 30, Thank you, that solved my problem Randy Nov 24, Clean and simple! Camilo Nov 22, Thank you! It's a simple and great solution. Rodrigo campos Nov 08, Thank you! This is the best working solution I found, so simple that I cannot believe I didn't saw that possibility.

Sven Oct 23, Cool! You saved my evening and the crappy wordpress template that I have to use Krasimir Jordanov Sep 19, Great. Thank you. Fits perfect. Neelam www. Jason Bean Jul 06, Brilliant and elegant solution! Yovcho Kalev Jun 16, thanks man. Kushal Jayswal Jun 01, Wow. This works for my need :. Thanks for sharing.

Buy the way your blog design is so impressive, neat and clean. All the best Alex Logemann May 03, Thank you. Craig Kirby Apr 30, You're a legend. Stephan Gebbers Apr 01, Very useful! Fewa Chuang Mar 03, Cool trick! Thanks :. Eric P. Metze Dec 04, Perfect. An uncomplicated bit of code that works, what a joy! Vladimir Chanaev Oct 04, Very usefull, tnx! Vladimir Chanaev Oct 04, Very usefull, tnx.

Azhari Ibnu Umar Sep 24, Thanks for the tutorial,, I serach How To Make A Frame Design 2019 many tricks on google but only this work for me.. Heanzo Beanzo Jul 08, Pretty cool trick with the padding, didnt know that. Thanks a lot. Din Masih Jul 06, thanks to you. Cliff Bandringa May 17, Thanks a lot! This even worked in my WordPress theme. After searching how to set the video pane height as a , your solution worked perfectly. Naydee Polanco Apr 26, Worked like a charm bro, much appreciated.

Still works in Wordpress 4. Anonymous Apr 26, Awesome!!

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