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An ideal beginner job, all you need for this is chain, dive rings, grains as well as some loop stud jewelry! If you are unclear regarding exactly how to use dive rings or have actually had problem getting them to close nicely, pop on over to this tutorial first.

Chain Earrings DIY You will certainly need: -- Fine chain -- 1 pair of loophole stud earrings -- 1 set butterfly jewelry backs -- 2 large hole grains -4 x 4mm jump rings - chain nose pliers as well as cutters Exactly how to make: an note on the chain-- it has to be thin sufficient to fit through the hole in your beads, but be large sufficient to obtain a dive ring via.

I couldn't discover any type of loosened chain that fit the expense, so I cut up this all set made locket.


Cut a 10cm size of great chain and also link to a loop stud earring with a 4mm dive ring at one end Chain Earrings DIY Chain Earrings Do It Yourself 2.

Thread on a solitary grain Chain Earrings Do It Yourself 3.

Then utilize another 4mm dive ring to link the various other end of chain to among the loops on the back of a butterfly or scroll earring back Chain Earrings Do It Yourself 4.

Repeat all actions for the various other earring! Chain Earrings DIY It is so easy, why stop at one pair? I additionally made a couple with these minty green ceramic beads.

Eco-friendly as well as gold is constantly a terrific combination! Chain Earrings Do It Yourself Many beads have quite little openings, so it might be challenging to find a chain that will fit through-- seek an opening size of 1mm as well as over if shopping online, or better still, most likely to your nearby grain or craft store and see for yourself.

Smækker ApS | 29871113